about us

IAA (International Institute of Advanced Academics) is an organization based in California. We strive to create a unique cultural exchange platform via alternative medians, namely round-table meetings, online lectures, and conversations between students. We believe that being with outstanding young generations from different countries will shape you into a better version of yourselves.

IAA坐落于美国加利福尼亚州,全力打造空中课堂,以别开生面的方式为中外学生提供文化交流和语言学习的平台, 同时为美国当地以及整个北美洲,欧洲, 大洋洲有志于学习汉语, 热爱中国文化的海外友人提供地道而纯真的语言学习文化交流平台,助力莘莘学子与优秀同行,与青春策马!

Through interactive learning, IAA supports you in acquiring thinking, reasoning, and logical skills while applying knowledge in real-life situations. Furthermore, IAA will bring the world to you, helping you to have an in-depth understanding of history, humanities, and arts worldwide. Contributing to the progress of mankind and the world with passion and love.

IAA 通过交互学习,交给你的是思考,是推理, 是逻辑, 是知识的应用,同时也带你走向全球,了解世界各地的背景知识和人文艺术,建立更好的世界观和价值观, 懂得自然科学和人文艺术的奥秘,同时更加珍惜和爱好和平,为人类和世界的进步与发展贡献自己的力量。

文化——和优秀的人在一起, 你将变得更优秀

Our culture – be with excellent and brilliant people, and you will become even better!


Our mission and vision – let us communicate with language in this world