research trip特色研学

research trip—-

Online research study with bilingual teaching in Chinese and English, leads students to visit and learn about a world-famous scenic totally, leading you to take classic routes without going out. You can not only watch the Great Wall, but also visit the White House, you can also learn the history of China, and you can also know the geography of the United States. We hope that every partner who joins us can read thousands of books and travel all over the world!


网上研学,采取中英文双语授课,带领学生 360 度参观和了解一个世界著名的景点, 让你不出门也能踏足经典路线,你可以通过我们的课程登上万里长城, 你也可以通过我们的课程参观白宫, 你还可以看到中国的历史, 你也可以了解美国的地理,期待每一个加入我们伙伴都能读万卷书, 行万里路!

Peer language partner语言伴读

Peer language partner

Match friends of similar age to learn and help each other with language courses that interest you. No matter which country you are in, you can find a language partner that are like – minded to practice speaking and listening without pressure. Tailored instruction and topics will stimulate learning interest and confidence in the mean time.




选择年龄相仿的小伙伴一起学习和帮助彼此感兴趣的语言课程,不论你在哪个国家, 你都可以通过我们的平台找适合你的语伴, 根据自身情况,在无压力状态下练习口语和听力,激发学习兴趣,提高自身的文化自信和学习信心,感受同频学习的魅力和乐趣。

Creative course特色语言课程

Creative course

We offer English enrichment courses, Chinese reading and essay-writing courses, mathematics and logical thinking courses to help every student in China and the U.S. improve their learning efficiency and quickly improve their overall academic performance.


我们开设了英语提高课程,汉语阅读和作文课程,数学与逻辑思维课程,帮助全美小朋友和大朋友提高学习效率, 快速提高综合水平。


cultural exchange reading club

We organize reading club weekly. American students and Chinese students will be in the same group to read books, a bilingual teacher will be there and assist the students to comprehend the contents. Through small group discussion, students will express their viewpoint, with every group member’s input, they will have a thought-provoking quality time, and this process will facilitate their mindfulness and sense of respect.


每周我们会组织一次读书会, 有双语老师带领美国小朋友和中国小朋友他一起读一本好书,而且我们会要求大家展示自己的才华, 分享自己的观点,让每个人都能积极参与到读书当中来, 一起享受读书的乐趣,也启发大家积极思考。