Peer language partner语言伴读

Peer language partner

Match friends of similar age to learn and help each other with language courses that interest you. No matter which country you are in, you can find a language partner that are like – minded to practice speaking and listening without pressure. Tailored instruction and topics will stimulate learning interest and confidence in the mean time.




选择年龄相仿的小伙伴一起学习和帮助彼此感兴趣的语言课程,不论你在哪个国家, 你都可以通过我们的平台找适合你的语伴, 根据自身情况,在无压力状态下练习口语和听力,激发学习兴趣,提高自身的文化自信和学习信心,感受同频学习的魅力和乐趣。